Damon System

The Damon® System is a line of braces that straighten teeth, correct bites and help improve smiles with ease and speed. With this progressive orthodontic solution, adults and teens can undergo treatment to transform their smile in less time, with fewer appointments and greater comfort. The Damon® System is proven to improve smiles and provide results that go beyond straight teeth, correcting bites, smile arcs and overall facial symmetry for smoother cheek contours and enhanced profiles. Traditional braces are tied in place with elastics, which cause friction and pressure, and often result in slower, less comfortable treatment. Damon® braces use an innovative slide mechanism to hold the wire in place, which allows teeth to move more freely, quickly and comfortably.

                                                          DamonQ-small.png                                                     DamonClearBrackets-small.png

                                                     Damon01.png                              DamonClear.png   

                                                              Damon® Q                                                   Damon® Clear

In addition to greater comfort, the Damon® System makes it easier to maintain good hygiene because it’s easier to keep clean. This contributes to greater health, happiness and physical attractiveness for the duration of patient treatment. The Damon® System braces are available in traditional stainless steel for durability and strength, or the Damon® Clear when aesthetics are a concern.

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