Types of Braces

DamonQ.pngDamon® Q Brackets

The Damon® Q bracket is the latest bracket in the Damon® line of brackets. The Q bracket has a unique sliding “door” that closes over the wire to engage the tooth. The surgical grade stainless steel design and smooth edges assure the patient one of the most durable, smallest, and smoothest brackets available.

DamonClearBrackets.pngDamon® Clear Brackets

The Damon® Clear bracket is made of a clear ceramic material that is stain proof and virtually invisible. The Damon® Clear is the choice for adults or teens who are looking for something other than traditional metal braces but still want the great results that can be achieved with the Damon® System.

Invisalign.pngInvisalign® Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are made of durable plastic or acrylic material. In appropriate cases, clear aligners effectively straighten teeth without brackets and wires. Clear aligners are customized, comfortable and removable. Ask us if Invisalign® clear aligners are the perfect treatment option for you.